Catalina Phone Home 1


We started this forever ago, but then I didn’t follow through.  I think I thought it’d be too hard for you and me emotionally.

But I am not one to back down from feeling pain.  So here we are, blog 1 after a year and half gone.  1.5 to go plus time to get a JOB:)

I have taken the day to make a bunch of envelopes to send you letters each week.  We have been texting today.  You just asked for Fiberian Hufky again.  I get a real kick out of you laughing so hard at this over and over.

I’ll keep this blog short n sweet.

Write back Mouse!



Well this should be interesting

Okay, so hello Catalina.  I’m starting this blog so that we can keep in touch even if we can’t Skype or talk or text.  Or if we do all those things in one day, this is sort of like our online how ya doing?  and we will be able to look back and say Holy Crap, we have been through a lot.  It’s sort of like an online diary but me specifically writing to you, not myself.  And that’s a good thing, I don’t have a good track record of keeping good diary entries.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’m going to poke around and figure this out.