sup dawg


how are you? Well….I miss you and I hope you can cone for my birthday witch I know you hope so to. But I guess it depense on school. but I am very excited to turn double digits 10! so I guess if I live to 100 I will be triple digits. so this is my first post so I am gonna keep this sweet and simple so I hope you can write me back mamma jamma. kk bye



mouse a mouse

I’m going to respond with correcting your grammar:)  I do this with love and support, but this will be an awesome way for you to learn while staying in communicado with me.

But it “depends” on school.  Very good sounding out.  But it’s depends.

Yes DOUBLE DIGITS!  Who would have thought?!?  I really hope to come, but I don’t know anything yet.  As soon as I know something, you will be next to know, k?

Also I just saw this….it’s WHICH not witch.  Witch is a person and which is not:)  When you say I hope so too, you need two o’s.

to = going to a plae

two = the number too

too = used when saying,….I like that too



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