Organizing and what not

Hello Miss!

So as you know I went shopping today at Walmart for clothes.  I found three pairs of pants that I barely fit into, but I am going on a low carb diet again, so I do not plan to be this chubs for long.

I woke up very early due to an excessive amount of coffee I drank last night.  I was organizing everything!  But now my sleep is very whacked and I am scared about getting up early and working all day long.  Hopefully the adrenaline will keep me going.

Expect something  in the mail this week.  I did lots of things yesterday to start sending you stuff.  I was sending you stuff last year, but let’s start again.

The Golden Globes, an award show for all the famous people, I believe is on tonight.  I love to watch and think I am a pretty lady in a very gorgeous dress.

I need to get situated for tomorrow.  Tis all for now!

Write back when you can:)



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