Dearest Catalina begina,

I hope you are well.  I just tried to call you.  You haven’t written back yet:(

I had an interesting weekend.  I did a lil hike, but I did not reach the top due to quite a bit of snow.  I wasn’t expecting the snow, and therefore did not bring snow shoes or my microspikes. I totally should have.

I have a few presentations this week and some papers already due next week.  It’s going to get very hard again very soon!

So write me back to let me know what is going on in your life doodlekins!


Kisses and Hugs




My Sweet Doodle,

You have not posted in some time.  I know you are busy, but it only takes a few minutes:)

I woke up super early to work on a presentation, then had a training on how to create a survey in a specific computer program.  Hopefully this semester, we will be able to go over to the Cherokee schools to help them take this survey:)

I was supposed to have 3 presentations today on different questions that assess mental health in a doctor’s office like Dr. O’s. Fascinating stuff:)

But we ran out of time cuz we had a guest speaker…so next week those are due.

Tell me about your day doodklekins!

Miss you tons!

Love you





Monday 1/25/2016


How are you doing kiddo?  I want pics of you in the snow you crazy nut!  We didn’t get a lot of snow, but the roads are not very clear here due to the mountainous conditions.  Lots of people are out sledding and doing snow sports:)

Write me when you can!!!!!

I love you!





Hey you!!!

Big day today! I started my internship today with the Cherokee and it was a bit crazy.  We took an hour trip away to try to find a client, but we did not find her.  So we drove back.  I talked to several social workers about what they do.  I got lots of information on how diverse social work is.  It definitely feels like I went into the right field:)

I woke up at 3:30 knowing I had to get up two hours later.  I had a hard time falling back asleep.  I got up on time, which was the the most important thing.  I got finger printed at the Police department, a photo i.d. badge, and a new email address.  I feel like they love me;)

This one is going to be short because I need to get to bed myself.  I want to be in bed at 10.

Write me back when you can doodlekins:)

Love you!




Unexpected Day Off

Hello dearest:)  I got a call late last night saying that my internship would be cancelled for today due to someone dying out in Oklahoma.  Dallas, the guy I will be working under with the Cherokee is going to the funeral, but he didn’t know the person.  He has an adopted son who still lives in Oklahoma.  He said is heart broken on not being able to have him with him at this time.  I don’t know all the details, but I empathize with him on a personal level since you are so far away.

I was supposed to have my foot looked at tomorrow.  But I moved my appointment for today so I had tomorrow morning free.  The doctor thought I was in my 20’s. haha.  Nope, I’m getting old:)  He put a shot in my foot and that hurt, but only for a few seconds.  I asked, “Is this going to hurt?”  And he said, “Nope, I won’t feel a thing.”  Very funny that doctor.

On the way to the doctor, my car started to make some loud screeching sounds.  So when I left the doctor, I went to the a car garage where they found nothing wrong with my tires or breaks.  They think some grass is causing some sounds.  Nothing to be worried about.  While waiting, I began to read my I am Malala book.  I got you the kids version of that book.  Have you started reading either one yet?  She really inspires me.  I hope you find her inspirational as well.  Have you started to read the other book?  I read parts of it and I thought it was a good read.  Even if you just read a few pages everyday, before you know it, the book will be finished.

Bill just came in from outside.  He is currently cleaning paws and I predict that he will be napping quite soon, after he has a little nibble.

Write me back when you can!  Miss you! Love you!


Organizing and what not

Hello Miss!

So as you know I went shopping today at Walmart for clothes.  I found three pairs of pants that I barely fit into, but I am going on a low carb diet again, so I do not plan to be this chubs for long.

I woke up very early due to an excessive amount of coffee I drank last night.  I was organizing everything!  But now my sleep is very whacked and I am scared about getting up early and working all day long.  Hopefully the adrenaline will keep me going.

Expect something  in the mail this week.  I did lots of things yesterday to start sending you stuff.  I was sending you stuff last year, but let’s start again.

The Golden Globes, an award show for all the famous people, I believe is on tonight.  I love to watch and think I am a pretty lady in a very gorgeous dress.

I need to get situated for tomorrow.  Tis all for now!

Write back when you can:)


sup dawg


how are you? Well….I miss you and I hope you can cone for my birthday witch I know you hope so to. But I guess it depense on school. but I am very excited to turn double digits 10! so I guess if I live to 100 I will be triple digits. so this is my first post so I am gonna keep this sweet and simple so I hope you can write me back mamma jamma. kk bye



mouse a mouse

I’m going to respond with correcting your grammar:)  I do this with love and support, but this will be an awesome way for you to learn while staying in communicado with me.

But it “depends” on school.  Very good sounding out.  But it’s depends.

Yes DOUBLE DIGITS!  Who would have thought?!?  I really hope to come, but I don’t know anything yet.  As soon as I know something, you will be next to know, k?

Also I just saw this….it’s WHICH not witch.  Witch is a person and which is not:)  When you say I hope so too, you need two o’s.

to = going to a plae

two = the number too

too = used when saying,….I like that too